Friday, October 25, 2013

I Hate Apple's OS 10.9 Mavericks And Here's Why!

I purchased my first Macintosh, a 6100 PowerPC, after doing extra jobs for months in March 1994. Somewhat conversant in OS 7 I decided to wait for the new computers using the PowerPC chips rather than the older models even Apple was discounting at the time.

Money in hand I purchased it the day after they came out. I loved it and was so glad NOT to have to use my mother-in-laws PowerBook 170. It was nice but the screen was so small trying to layout pages. I never had the 9 inch screen version so maybe I shouldn't complain.

Apple's slippery slope. See 10.9 sliding down the whirlpool of watery hell?
I have loved Apple products since that time. In fact most of the publishing industry has embraced the Mac and continues to to this day.

However, being a grumpy senior now, I am not so resilient and am in fact grumpy about 10.9. Simply put, I hate it. Since the "free" download, I have spent 10's of hours trying to get it to work. Not just the way I remember 10.8 but the way I remember it the day before I upgraded. My wife always warns me about upgrading. WHY didn't I listen?

What finally made me write this diatribe was being unable to print the way I used to with Reader. The proverbial straw! I decided that maybe I should keep a hard copy of my blogs here and in fact had started, finally doing just that the other day. I got about 10 or so printed but there were 200 more to go. It was so simple. You clicked the headline, the reader turned blue in the search bar in Safari and you selected your printer and moved on to the next one. Today? Reader is still there but it has lost all the options, added one that generally "only" increases the font size and forgets ALL OF THE FORMATTING that was in the blog. Talk about ugly. Talk about being unable to do what you could the day before is shameful.

Then I started to think of all the other indignities of 10.9. Starting any program now is an exercise in watching grass grow. Literally. Start iPhoto or Pages or Microsoft programs and you not only have time for a cup of coffee but a trip to the barber near the Starbucks. Its that slow. And the scrolling creep is driving me nuts. FIX IT APPLE!

Pushing a deadline this week I started Quark after the upgrade and every time I tried to do something it crashed. I mean each and EVERY time. Frantic I called Quark and they said no, 9.5.1 doesn't work with the new OS. You will have to use Quark 10. I bought it in June, it came out in September and I didn't have it yet. I started calling everyone there. Finally, I tried to activate it, the tech breezily told me it was easy to do and hung up. It wasn't. No matter what I did it would not activate despite having the numbers in hand. I had to resort to the month long "trial" version. Shame on Quark. I see they too are returning to their historic and famous lousy customer service. I'm sorry, but there is no reason their older version could not work with the new Apple upgrade. Not everyone is going to run out and buy the next greatest thing. Something I think Adobe is learning as people are not signing up in droves for their cloud only services if they want the latest PhotoShop or Illustrator or InDesign. If you are a user of QuarkXpress 9.5.1 or 3, DON'T upgrade your Apple OS unless you are ready to spend about $349.

Syncing your iPhone or iPad? Good luck. In trying to promote myself to a gallery owner today I discovered it didn't bother to include the photos it had on it two days before. I had to resort to my iPhone 5, a rather downscale disappointment. If I ever hear the word iCloud again I will scream. It just doesn't work and none of the iterations of Apple's cloud services ever have. When I got the new phone I decided to sync through iCloud. It took me two days to remove the hundreds of duplicates and triplicates I had for my address book, calendar, photos and other items on that device. I knew something was up when the phone said it was out of room. What? It had 5 gigs of free space when I started syncing it. In fact I have yet to get my iPad to correctly sync my calendar despite using the same settings as my iPhone.

In short, I really don't care a hoot about the 200 new features if the ones I knew and loved don't work anymore. Why should I have to search the web to find out how to do what I could do a few days ago? Apple products were amazingly intuitive. Not any more. Who asks for these new things? Has Apple or any software or hardware company ever heard of the dictum, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Rather than create new products or software that people can actually use we get Mavericks (actually an apt name as it implies a person or animal that won't listen to anyone) or the new iOS 7 for the phone. Another boondoggle!

I know and I am sure Tim Cook and Jony Ives know that if Jobs was alive and well, none of this would have ever seen the light of day. He was famous for raining on their parade. Pretty he liked but NOT if it didn't work and trust me, 10.9 and iOS7 really don't. Maybe it is time to think about Windows (though I shutter at that thought) or Android, a blatant ripoff of the Apple software when their CEO was on the Apple board.

Apple has a lot of work to do and hopefully it won't see the light of day until, and I mean UNTIL it really is up to the bar set by Steve Jobs!


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