Monday, October 7, 2013

The Federal Trificta: The NSA, Obamacare & Congress

Great Seal Of The United States
When Edward Snowden revealed to the world the depth of the United States government's ability to spy, the world gasped. So WikiLeaks was right. I mentioned that big brother came 437 years early. The Brazilian government and probably many others are outraged. Our governments charge about Chinese cyber espionage pales in comparison.

Yet, to witness Tuesday, Oct. 1st, the first day the uninsured could sign up for affordable healthcare, was to witness the utter gross inefficiency of our government that lingers still today, six days later. It's so bad they had to take the site down for "repairs."

In fact, you have to ask is this the same government? Could they be super spies and sign up bumblers? Just how good was the NSA information?  We all know they can't design a web site or phone banks to handle the very citizens who finally were hoping to get affordable heath care coverage after months of getting the word out. Maybe that's why they demanded the records from the likes of Google and AT&T because they couldn't gather that very well either.

I remember years ago that after the movie "War Games" came out NORAD invited all the computer CEO's of the time, and there were many, to tour their mountain war room to prove that no kids on a computer ( in the 80's) were going to start a world war. I remember the article stating they all came out grey and shocked. Steve Jobs observed that the Apple IIc, a portable computer with a handle sans screen with 128k memory, was more powerful than all the computers they had just seen.

I know the state of California has spent millions on a new computer system for the DMV that's so bad they are still using systems developed 30 years ago. Are the Feds any better? They have yet to upgrade Air Traffic Control computers after spending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars.

The third part of this silliness is Congress. Really. If the Republicans had just shut up, the debacle of last week would have spoken volumes.  The Affordable Care Act is law. The courts have spoken. Yet in light of its start what an election issue they would have had next year. Instead ALL of Congress, Democrat and Republican, can't get along and both aprove bills they KNOW will never see the light of day in the other house. With an approval rating of 10% the government is simply fighting itself.  Used car dealers rank higher.

We would like to believe that heads smarter and wiser than us are guiding, designing the lives we lead. Like a great painter, with paint and brush we elect our leaders hoping they are creating a beautiful scene to make our lives better and safer. Instead, all we get is finger pointing and name calling at about the playground level of the third grade.

Ronald Reagan's favorite line, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help," has come home to roost. If they can't help themselves how on earth could they ever help us? We wonder help with what? More spying? Increasingly inefficient enforcement of laws guarding who they should be watching over? A Congress more concerned about their own agendas than with the lives of the people who elected them?

There is plenty of design here folks. However, you and I are not in the equation. I started saying in 2010 and I'll say it again, there can be a grand design. You and I, each and every one CAN paint that masterpiece. Every single, with NO exceptions, elected official in the United States needs to be voted out of office. Every one. Why? Because THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. We need a clean slate. We need elected officials with set terms, unable to easily run for office again, subject to the same health and retirements plans as the people they serve have. There are no patricians families here. This is not Ancient Rome or feudal England. They are simply citizens hopefully helping to serve the country they were elected to protect. Nothing less and definitely nothing more.

This is my signature on every email. Please give it some thought as well:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke -  1795

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